Event Management Services

At Sydney Events Studio, we specialise in turning your event visions into memorable experiences. With our comprehensive event management services, we ensure every detail is expertly covered, from initial planning to final execution.


Event Management

We provide end-to-end events management services, including venue sourcing, speaker sourcing, planning your whole event, setting up your event pages, event marketing and anything in between.


Venue Sourcing

Venue plays a crucial part in the success of your event, and we can help you with that. We partner with a multitude of venues, from corporate function rooms to rooftop bars/more casual venues, to make sure we can meet any event’s needs.



Having worked with a multitude of caterers, we can help find the right fit for you. We take pride in supporting small businesses and social impact caterers that can cater to any type of event.


Event Staffing

Whether you need bartenders or casual event staff, we got you covered. We work with experienced casual staff that can help make your event seamless.


Supplier Sourcing

We can help you source suppliers for your event, including decorations, extra AV equipment, media walls, banners, branded merchandise, event furniture and more.



We are passionate about sustainability and support as many sustainable/social impact suppliers as possible to ensure your event has a minimal environmental impact.


AV Production

We work with the best AV technicians who can help make sure you don’t have to worry about technology on the day of your event.



Partnerships & Sponsors

We can help you with sourcing partners and sponsors for your event. Having worked with numerous corporate clients and government departments, you can be sure we can help you source the right sponsors.



Talent Management

We offer talent management services with multiple high-profile speakers/MC-s in our current portfolio. If you are interested in us representing you, please get in touch below.



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